Born and raised in Anchorage Alaska, Mark Schlereth, nicknamed “Stink,” was selected by the Washington Redskins in the 10th round of the 1989 NFL Draft.

Mark spent six seasons with Washington (1989-1994) and six with the Denver Broncos (1995-2000) enjoying a 12-year professional career as a guard before retiring in 2001.

Mark won three Super Bowls (XXVI with the Redskins; XXXII and XXXIII with the Broncos) and was named to the 1991 and 1998 Pro Bowl.

Mark is currently a football analyst for Fox Sports, appearing on FS1, and other programs as well as host of “Schlereth and Evans” on 104.3 The Fan based in Denver, Colorado.

Mark has also dabbled in acting and had a recurring role on CBS’ mainstay soap opera, Guiding Light, as “Detective Roc Hoover” since 2007. He is featured on “Athlete 360,” a sports medicine TV show hosted by his former Redskins teammate, Dr. Mark Adickes, and had an acting role in the 2012 remake of “Red Dawn.”

By far, Mark’s pride and joy are his 3 children, Alexandria, Avery and Daniel along with his 2 grandchildren.

Daniel plays professional baseball and once was a pitcher for the Miami Marlins, Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks. Alexandria is an actress who was featured on the MyNetwork TV series “Desire.”

In his spare time, Schlereth is the co-owner of Stinkin’ Good Green Chili Sauce.